About us

Our Motivation

    Constant physical interaction with smart devices such as phones, tablets and computers, has become more of a need than a desire. The screens on these electronics are sophisticated and with digital devices on every dinner table, pocket or purse, keeping our important electronics clean is a big concern. Due to these facts, eating with our hands has become more taboo, not only because of the constant concern of germs but now the real threat of damaging our expensive devices or clothing.

    The issue now is that there are few options that we have to clean up or stay clean during or after a messy  meal or activity involving our hands. The most common reactive method of cleaningour hands after the mess is a wet wipe of some sort that uses moisture and/or chemicals to clean up. More often than not they leave our hands scented and wet in the process. Our other option is a paper towel which is dry and scentless but leaves residue/ smell behind from what ever we were eating/doing.

The WINGMAN™ is chemical free and dry, leaving behind no residue or smell. No need to clean up after getting our fingers dirty as long as we put on a WINGMAN™ before the mess. When done, just throw the glove away and carry on.